Skeltonic verse

This poetry form is a fun way to introduce rhyme. Some people shy away from rhyme. It conjures up bitter memories of that third grade poetry unit. There comes a time to fight those fears and give it a try again.

The following definition of Skeltonic verse comes via Poetic Bloomings.

“Skeltonic verse is named after the poet John Skelton (1460-1529).   It consists of short rhyming lines that just sort of flow on from one rhyme to the next for however long one chooses.  Skeltonic verse generally averages less than six words per line.  The challenge is to keep short rhymes moving down the page, in an energetic and engaging way.”

“It almost rained today”

It almost rained today
like I almost sneezed last May
my nose in a bouquet
of yellow daffodils
on the window sill;
I stuffed it back in. Still
it almost rained today.
One stray cloud, gray
and rare, too lonely to play
in the rain. It drifted away
down-sky, like down-stream
leaving airy blue between
more airy blue—a dream
for sunbathers and the flood
wounded wrestling with mud.
I’d give a pint of blood
for an ounce of rain
instead I frame
the cloud in my window pane
and continue to complain.


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