I’m not a fan of Haiku. It scares me. And maybe that comes from the years of having to write it in school. (Is that the only poetry form that El. Ed. teachers know?)

Khara House  (Our Lost Jungle) hosted a Haiku challenge. If you aren’t familiar with Khara, you should be. She writes with style, class, and depth. I urge you to click over to her site.

Anyway, as you remember, in school we were taught the rules of Haiku. Throw those all out except for the three line part. Oh, and the no title part.  Haiku is so much more than 5/7/5. (Cheat sheet for the real rules.) It should have you shaking in your boots. Yes, poetry can do that at times. Ha!

This  morning Khara posted the winners of her challenge. I’m humbled to be among them with this offering:

floating lily pad,
high-kicking leaping plié
classical frog ballet




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