Forms can be fun. Just trust that statement for the time being and you’ll soon become a believer. What makes “form” a scary word is that it is not free. Free meaning that there are no rules. Form and rules go together. You gotta play within the sandbox of the form. At least until you know enough to break the rules.

Some of the rules have names that you must recognise. No mastery is required to play. Just keep in mind that romping around inside a form is not always safe unless you know the rules. You’ll save yourself hours of frustration if you familiarize yourself with the following basic terms: accent, couplet, iamb, meter, metaphor, refrain, rhyme, simile, stanza, quatrain, verse. Those are the ones you’ll hear most often. Nothing to be afraid of. Right?

As I attempt different forms, I’ll cover these terms. It might, at first, seem painful (kind of like writing on the sun) but you will see your writing shift simply because of the rules. Who’d have ever thunk it?


Speak to me of thoughts unspoken.

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