About Me

I am Reader, Writer, Poet, Song Writer, Guitar Player, News Junkie. I’m married to a warm hard-working, scruffy man. I am mom to five. I value my friends, my family, my church, my God. I bake chocolate-chip anything (muffins, bread, cookies) when I’m angry and also when I want to show love but I don’t tell the fam. which it is because it is really both. There is something poetic and ethereal about the scent of warming chocolate lingering  inside a home. It can mold a heavy heart into love.

My motto: Poetry Must Sing or it is just words.


9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. FAVORITE FLOWER (tritina)

    “Finally, Springtime,” says the month of April
    A welcome sight in blooms of purple and yellow
    Assigned to complement all different flowers

    Springtime is here with many flowers
    And some are blooming now in April
    With colour choices and shades of yellow

    There are so many shades of yellow
    As there are so many types of flowers
    Yet my favourite is the daffodil of April

    The month of April announces springtime’s arrival with yellow flowers braving out from a rousing ground.

  2. The old man is upstairs in his room dying. He smells the intoxicating fragrance of chocolate chip cookies. “Oh, if only I could have one chocolate chip cookie before I die!” Thus inspired, he slowly dropped from his bed to the floor, crawled to the stairs and slowly made his way down the stairs, feet first, sliding down. He reaches the kitchen. He crawls over to the table where the cookies are cooling. He reaches up for a cookie,. His wife swats his hand away with the spatula and growls, “Leave those alone. They are for the funeral!”

  3. Me again, 18 months later:
    so funny, I read the about and wanted to leave a comment, then saw that I had already done that, so long ago.
    Anyways, still think this bio is great.

  4. Hello there,

    Could you please get in touch with me. I would like to discuss about your two beautiful Lentos.

    My best


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