Pleiades is a new form for me. Actually, I never even heard of it before.
These are the rules taken from the outstanding blog of Khara House at
Our Lost Jungle:

“If you understand alliteration, you’ll probably have little trouble
understanding the Pleiades poem. As you may have guessed, the Pleiades is named
for the astronomical Seven Sisters star cluster. The numerical implications,
paired with the alliterative nature of the star cluster’s name, should give you
a few hints about the rules of this form:

1. A Pleiades poem consists of seven lines
2. The title is (usually) only one word (some concessions have
been made over time with the form that allow for “a few” words in the title, but
it’s the first word that counts)
3. The first letter of each line is the same as the first letter of the title (thus, a downwards alliterative pattern)”

I also teamed this prompt with the Poets United Prompt to write about a novel we are reading. My summer book is Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.

“Lesson on revenge”

Last night, in the crushing bleakness of another
late night headache under the sheets, I tasted a
long forgotten nightmare between the pages of a
leftover novel. Under my bed hid Heathcliff, a
lowly scoundrel, a matted louse with eyes that
liken to eels and lichen, playing lord with each
life he destroys in revenge for his lover’s death.


Our Lost Jungle form challange and Poets United Thank Tank Thursday


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