Here is another form introduced to me by Ms. Khara House at Our Lost Jungle.

And here are the rules introduced to me by Ms. Khara House.

“The monostich is just as simple. It is a single-line poem form; the line should be “self-contained,” which pretty much just means it should be one short, concise thought.”

And here are five of my own Monostiches. (monostitchi? monostitch? monostitcheez?)

The moon would never sing a dirge at dawn.

* * *

All my breath is one hollow question.

* * *

Today I became the mother of my parents.

* * *

Silver and gold, I have none, but a voice on paper.

* * *

If you keep a hand upon my sorrow, I promise to keep my eyes upon your joy.

* * *


Speak to me of thoughts unspoken.

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