Why I Write Poetry

Why I Write Poetry

A few weeks ago Robert Lee Brewer, Writer’s Digest Poetry guru, put out a call for essays from poets to explain why they write poetry.

The why isn’t easy putting into words. And I’m not sure I even touched on the real reason. Like onions, there are layers of poetic insight and reflection. The simple answer is more like–I write poetry because . . .  just because.

  • Because it is.

Frankly, I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t.

If you write poetry, why? If you don’t, why not?

Here’s my essay which was published on the WD site:

Why I Write Poetry


2016 November PAD Chapbook Challenge







It’s that time of year again. The Writer’s Digest PAD (poem-a-day) has begun. Fill your pockets and notebooks with metaphors and strong verbs. Write a poem every day for the month of November. When the month is over, collect your poems into a chapbook. You’ll need to read the guidelines for submitting yours, so click this link for  all the details.

To get started, I’ll give you today’s two-for-Tuesday prompt:

  • Write a stay poem.
  • Write a go poem.

Interpret that however you wish.

As for me, I’m settling in with my thesaurus and a cuppa cuppa . . . and maybe some leftover Halloween candy and a very large thinking cap.

Gotta come up with something before the big game!

Go Cubs!


Ready for another poetry challenge?



Join Writer Digest’s Robert Lee Brewer
and hundreds of your closest poetry friends for another Poem-A-Day Challenge.

Starting NOW!

November PAD

While I continue to stumble through Submit-O-Rama (only four more days left)  and MoDPo, (we are learning about the New York school of poets) I want to remind all poets that the Writers’ Digest November Poem-A-Day challenge is right around the corner and everyone is invited to play.


Meanwhile, feel free to use my Autumn photo as inspiration. Poem On!