A Wordsmith Studio Homecoming

Three years ago this month, with a touch of amusement and curiosity, I committed to participating in a Writers Platform Challenge hosted by Robert Lee Brewer (Writer's Digest/Poetic Asides) on his My Name is Not Bob blog. I remember the month as a whirlwind of online activity. Truly, at the time, all I knew how … Continue reading A Wordsmith Studio Homecoming


6 a.m. and still no coffee

This week at Wordsmith Studio we’re cranking our brains. (just a little bit because this week is just too busy to do much else.) The premise: The first Thanksgiving in America was held October 1621 by Plymouth Colony Pilgrims in appreciation of assistance from members of the Massasoit tribe and celebration of the first harvest. … Continue reading 6 a.m. and still no coffee

For the Love of Poetry

Photo credit: Patuska from morguefile.com In the past few posts, we’ve explored the depths of poetic fears and even the occasional cloaked hatred of poetry. We’ve also discussed some strategies for dealing with those issues which included talk therapy and a type of systematic desensitization. Today, let’s explore some reasons we like poetry or dare … Continue reading For the Love of Poetry

Platform Diving

Message to Readers: This is a One-Year Anniversary Reunion Post celebrating Not Bob's Platform Challenge of 2012. I thought about writing a song or a sonnet or a tiny haiku but I knew my poetry wouldn't suffice so I just chose to tell my story of . . . Platform Diving For the past several years, the … Continue reading Platform Diving