Old Time

  “Old time” Five hours ago we were chasing rainbows in the cold sun,where rain and our bare feet slapped against the sidewalk. In her mind she keeps all the treasures she misses— not a birthday, not a rag doll, but her mommy and her doggies. She has lined the couch cushions with pretend puppies—what’s … Continue reading Old Time


Lost words

Take the pieces of your day, wrap it in cotton, saturate it with rubbing alcohol and set it on fire. I offer you the mind of one who suffers with dementia. Follow me as I follow my mother’s journey into this insipid disease so when your turn comes, you will know.   “Lost words” Judge … Continue reading Lost words

Thinking about Thinking (Weird Poets/Normal Earthlings)

This is going to be short. Super short. Because thinking time is short. Because attentions are short. Because we have too many other things to think about that keep us away from thinking about poetry. Normal earthlings don’t think about poetry. And if they do it is only when they are cleaning the bathroom to … Continue reading Thinking about Thinking (Weird Poets/Normal Earthlings)

Time for Six

It’s time to revisit our Earthling vs. Weird Poet chat. Let’s review the reasons “normal earthlings” don’t read poetry: 1. They don’t understand it. 2. It doesn’t make sense. 3. They are “too stupid” to understand it. (Not my words.) 4. And it’s boring. 5. Poetry takes time—they’re short, but require contemplation. 6. Their 10th … Continue reading Time for Six