Fevered desert

The challenge today is to let reality and fantasy blend a bit in the heat, then find a shadowy patch under a tree & write your poem. Visit dVerse for more poetry. “Fevered desert” This is where the porcelain horses gallop, rasping in the wind as Pachelbel orchestrates his Canon in D. This is where mocking woodwinds … Continue reading Fevered desert


Summer in Anaphora

                       Summer in Anaphora It’s hot. Children in the fresh clipped grass, chant. Sprinklers fly, It’s hot, layers of clothes peeled, kicked under the porch’s skinny legs. It’s damn hot, old men belly button sag, iced iced colas with a little rot, rocking in the … Continue reading Summer in Anaphora

Martian weather

“Martian weather” Take one round world of lava hardened to the core with no oceans only dust and seasons of dust, wind it in multicolored thread, cover it in Modge Podge and hang it from a ceiling fan. Mars is only a summer away. Written for We Write Poems prompt #118 “Write a poem, howsoever you … Continue reading Martian weather

5 short reasons to Estivate

Five Reasons Why You Might Want to Estivate 1. Because estivation is a cool word and fun to say. 2. Because the basement is a cool place in every sense of the word. (It’s just me and the cute little guineapig.) 3. Because sometimes we need to placate the wounded warrior where our  poetry resides. 4. Because … Continue reading 5 short reasons to Estivate