Submit-O-Rama Begins Today!

Our Lost Jungle has done it again! If you’re up for another challenge. (I know. I know. We just finished a whirlwind of April P.A.D. challenges—Poetic Asides, NaPoWriMo,Miz Quickly and a host of others.) What do you do with all those poems? Join Ms. Khara House as she hosts another Submit-O-Rama. Choose Your level of … Continue reading Submit-O-Rama Begins Today!


November PAD

While I continue to stumble through Submit-O-Rama (only four more days left)  and MoDPo, (we are learning about the New York school of poets) I want to remind all poets that the Writers' Digest November Poem-A-Day challenge is right around the corner and everyone is invited to play.   Meanwhile, feel free to use my Autumn … Continue reading November PAD

Cantering on Three Horses

All at the same time. I’m sure I’m not alone in this race. Are you participating in Our Lost Jungle’s October Challenge:  Submit-O-Rama? AND UPenn’s Coursera class with 30,000 other folks at ModPo? AND writing or editing a WIP? (Work in Progress)? AND gearing up for Poetic Aside’s PAD—November (Poem-A-Day challenge with Writer’s Digest Editor … Continue reading Cantering on Three Horses


Get your Poetry ON! Join me and other poets this October for a fun Submission Marathon. Ms. Khara House has offered up this challenge in a unique and fun forum. Pick your Poison--Five different challenges: Basic, Uber, Alpha, Name Game, and Choose Your Rules. Check it all out at Khara House Submit-O-Rama