Submit-O-Rama Begins Today!

Our Lost Jungle has done it again!

If you’re up for another challenge. (I know. I know. We just finished a whirlwind of April P.A.D. challenges—Poetic Asides, NaPoWriMo,Miz Quickly and a host of others.)

What do you do with all those poems?

Join Ms. Khara House as she hosts another SubmitORama.

Choose Your level of participation and commitment :

The “Basic” Challenge
The “Uber” Challenge
The “Alpha” Challenge
The “Name Game” Challenge
The “Choose Your Rules” Challenge
The “Mini” Challenge NEW!

Forums, tools, news, support are all included in one low price: Just your talent and time.

Go NOW: Submit-O-Rama


November PAD

While I continue to stumble through Submit-O-Rama (only four more days left)  and MoDPo, (we are learning about the New York school of poets) I want to remind all poets that the Writers’ Digest November Poem-A-Day challenge is right around the corner and everyone is invited to play.


Meanwhile, feel free to use my Autumn photo as inspiration. Poem On!


Cantering on Three Horses

All at the same time.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this race.

Are you participating in Our Lost Jungle’s October Challenge:  Submit-O-Rama?


UPenn’s Coursera class with 30,000 other folks at ModPo?


writing or editing a WIP? (Work in Progress)?


gearing up for Poetic Aside’s PAD—November (Poem-A-Day challenge with Writer’s Digest Editor Robert Lee Brewer.) ???






Get your Poetry ON!

Join me and other poets this October for a fun Submission Marathon. Ms. Khara House has offered up this challenge in a unique and fun forum. Pick your Poison–Five different challenges: Basic, Uber, Alpha, Name Game, and Choose Your Rules.

Check it all out at Khara House Submit-O-Rama