When Poetry Converts to Prayer

One thing we can all agree with . . . poets are observers. Of people, patterns, and paradox. Of emotion,  enigmas, and ethos. In silence, sleep, and seclusion we ruminate and reflect. We roll around in the spring pansies and willow boughs and write their joy. In winter, we examine snowflake designs and compose similes. … Continue reading When Poetry Converts to Prayer


The Shelterer

Day Nine It is day nine of Poem-A Day-month and already I'm feeling the strain. Today's prompt was to write a shelter poem.                    The Shelterer When what I believe about life ends in questions Wise and Dined over, Slept over with eyes open like a violent … Continue reading The Shelterer

Of pleasure and of pain

Hey, that’s my line! Poetic Bloomings challenged us to “steal” a line from another poet,from any previous prompt. I wrote two but am posting this one: “Now high, now low, the harmony of pleasure and of pain  Sweeps soulfully across the sea and land.” Janet Martin's Villianelle June 27, 2012 (Thank you, Janet) “Of pleasure and … Continue reading Of pleasure and of pain