Why I Write Poetry

A few weeks ago Robert Lee Brewer, Writer's Digest Poetry guru, put out a call for essays from poets to explain why they write poetry. The why isn't easy putting into words. And I'm not sure I even touched on the real reason. Like onions, there are layers of poetic insight and reflection. The simple … Continue reading Why I Write Poetry


Our Last Day

Our Last Day for your eyes that were never fragile for your thoughts that were never buried for your heart that never collapsed in the center of fear nor rose in the fertile valley of praise and flatter I would remain one more day and one more day without end inside our own little sphere … Continue reading Our Last Day

Puddles of Sodium

Puddles of Sodium A driving sleet is splattering the rows of unsealed windows in my Anatomy and Physiology lab, dripping over the cockeyed signs that proclaim the college is committed to maintaining a safe environment and to dispose of waste materials in the biohazard bins. I'll stare at the same signs in Chem lab this … Continue reading Puddles of Sodium

On the Verge of Discovery

“On the Verge of Discovery” Was it the Champagne beach or the canopy bed? Was it the bouquet garni or the breezy flirting? Maybe it was the harmonizing of Quiet Houses and laughter. No one can point to the dawn and say it began here or there in that valley or over this horizon. ~~~ … Continue reading On the Verge of Discovery

A Challenged Poet

My hands smell like Lysol. The washing machine is churning. A child is recovering from Influenza and coughing so deeply I cringe with guilt. In the back of my mind are the other items on my to-do list waiting for me: dusting, dinner, vacuuming. But, writing poetry is not on that list. It's never on … Continue reading A Challenged Poet

The Arrogance of Poetry

You 've heard the term metapoetry--poetry about poetry.  It's a poem about the poem itself or some aspect of poetry: feet, iambs, couplets, etc. Billy Collins has written a sonnet about sonnets that I can't post for copyright reasons but you can read here: Sonnet by Billy Collins In ModPo we learned that all poetry … Continue reading The Arrogance of Poetry