April: National Poetry Month

A whole month dedicated to poetry! We should be giddy, right? Is there an entire month dedicated to screenwriting or copy writing or journalism? Do carpenters get a month? Do the cable guys get a month? Do roofers or hockey players or principals or printers? NO! Poets get an entire month. I have a secret. Every … Continue reading April: National Poetry Month


Do you PAD?

Are you ready for some poetry fun? (She's having fun. I promise!) November is Poem-A-Day Month. Gather your metaphors, brew some coffee, stuff the leftover Halloween candy under your couch cushions, (You'll need a sugar jolt now and then) and join the poetry party. All month. You'll meet some outstanding poets and read some phenomenal poetry. It's … Continue reading Do you PAD?


2014 APRIL PAD CHALLENGE Yeah, it seems a little early BUT really it’s never too early to prepare for this challenge. The rules are simple: Write a poem every day for the month of April based on the prompts Robert Lee Brewer posts each day at Poetic Asides. Share it. Comment on the other poems … Continue reading 2014 APRIL PAD CHALLENGE