Apple Pie Ice Cream Dream

Written for Poetic Bloomings Prompt # 193

WE ALL SCREAM: Pick a favourite flavour as your inspiration and use it as the title of your poem. Points for making up your own flavour! Bonus points if your poem actually has nothing to do with ice cream!

I stretched it a little. And added a cat. Because . . . well . . . cats and ice cream . . . even though my poem has nothing to do with cats.

Apple Pie Ice Cream Dreams (1)

Apple Pie Dream

a red white and blue sky morning
a cuppa and another
cuppa down the hatch, Jack

newsreels reeling, airwaves crackling
another red white and blue stars and stripes
up in smoke mad world spinning on FIRE

out of love with Lady Liberty
Lady reporter sings in her mic,
we’re all gonna die, we’re all gonna die
world sinkin’ into a mire of fear

tears tumble inside the empty tide
where standin’ right there right
inside the sea right
inside a wave of grief

39 signers with inky fingers
holding up a parchment of gold
(safe and sound)

tonight’s delight—
a Grand Canyon dipper (or two)
of apple pie dreamy creamy à la  pro patria
nestled inside one giant melting pot (or two)

it’ll be a cozy night
a gonna take it slowly night
for mom and baseball
for mustangs and rodeos
for James Fennimore, Twain, and Poe

under a blue moon of dreams.


Single Impressions

“Single impressions”

Mine was that we were Scarlet
Macaws nibbling on the mineral-
rich clay walls in the Amazon,

entwining our single legs along
cliff basins, shredding the hard
facades we each wore with one

voice of belief. This I believed,
this I impressed upon my heart
and friends, one echo together,
two singing as one.

Until one became three,                       
a hidden nibble here and
there, two pair of entwined

legs swimming with
pink dolphins, one bedded with
painted monkeys, one fishing for

piranhas in black-water huts
while my sheets, soaked in the
sleep sweat of blood-sick, bone-
sick, home-sick, disintegrated
in the heat of secrets.


Written for Poetic Bloomings #65_: BETRAYAL

and Reverie 29 Naming Constellations: DIY

Desert thirst

 I spent the better part of Sunday attempting to write a Decima as described and prompted at naming constellations. I won’t even begin to say that I succeeded as I’m still not even sure I did it right. What a struggle. Today’s poem is the Sunday Poetic Bloomings prompt: Water, water, water. Or no water at all.


parched love
a hazy mirage of baby’s breath—

my desert sanctuary,
liquid silver

on wounded lips, raw cheeks
rough on my lone lonely heart.
eyes too blind

to see the shifting art—
sidewinder paintings,
sun-scorched passion,

jeweled tribal veils
snapping in the wind.

I draw
baskets of water
from the arid oasis
drinking the mirage
of our love.

Poetic Bloomings Prompt 59

The Princess Bride

Last Sunday, Poetic Bloomings posted a prompt that looked like fun.
You were suppose to take the title of a movie or TV show and use that
as the title of your poem but not give a synopsis of the show. However,
I noticed that they have done a prompt where you take a favorite line
from a movie or show and use that. So, I did both. I took several favorite
lines from one of my favorite movies and strung them together in a narrative.

If you’re not a Princess Bride fan, you might think not connect with this.

“Princess Bride”

I do not think that word means what you
think it means, you say to me.

But, that’s inconceivable, I say with a huff.

I say love
means chocolate miracles and storming castles
and perfect breasts and surviving the Forest with
Rodents of Unusually Large Size hand-in-hand.

and love
means you will always come for me.

and love,
my Love,
cannot be broken by a thousand words.

True love
is the greatest thing in the world.

No, my Love,
I believe it is you who does not
know what that word means,
I say with my dreamy eyes.

You say,
if you think it is the greatest
thing in the world then it is the greatest thing
in the world.

And with your own dreamy eyes,
I see you say—as you wish.

But with your mouth,
I hear—
“except for perhaps, a nice mutton, lettuce
and tomato sandwich where the mutton is
nice and lean and the tomato is ripe.”

“In your arms”

I waited and waited for the Poetic Asides prompt yesterday and got a little antsy when it didn’t show up so I headed over to Poetic Bloomings and found a new form to try. Since this form is completely unfamiliar to me, I am quoting what Marie Elena and Walt posted in their blog:

“Parallelogram de Crystalline is a poetry form created by Karan Naidu. This form consists of 4 verses of 3 lines each. The syllable count for each stanza is 3, 6, 9. In this style of poem, the beauty of a person is usually compared with nature and described in those terms…”

I loved this form. It flows smoothly and has just enough parameters to spark beauty.

“In your arms”

I would dig
beneath the sea for one
pearl that reflects the purity of

your heart so
I could see you again,
to feel the silk of your voice in my

dry blue soul.
I wear your ring but it
doesn’t bring me nearer to you where

I belong
inside you, safe from the
world beneath the sun, wrapped in your arms.

(photo courtesy stock.xchng)