Apple Pie Ice Cream Dream

Written for Poetic Bloomings Prompt # 193 WE ALL SCREAM: Pick a favourite flavour as your inspiration and use it as the title of your poem. Points for making up your own flavour! Bonus points if your poem actually has nothing to do with ice cream! I stretched it a little. And added a cat. Because . . … Continue reading Apple Pie Ice Cream Dream


Single Impressions

“Single impressions” Mine was that we were Scarlet Macaws nibbling on the mineral- rich clay walls in the Amazon, entwining our single legs along cliff basins, shredding the hard facades we each wore with one voice of belief. This I believed, this I impressed upon my heart and friends, one echo together, two singing as … Continue reading Single Impressions

Desert thirst

 I spent the better part of Sunday attempting to write a Decima as described and prompted at naming constellations. I won't even begin to say that I succeeded as I'm still not even sure I did it right. What a struggle. Today's poem is the Sunday Poetic Bloomings prompt: Water, water, water. Or no water … Continue reading Desert thirst

The Princess Bride

Last Sunday, Poetic Bloomings posted a prompt that looked like fun. You were suppose to take the title of a movie or TV show and use that as the title of your poem but not give a synopsis of the show. However, I noticed that they have done a prompt where you take a favorite … Continue reading The Princess Bride

“In your arms”

I waited and waited for the Poetic Asides prompt yesterday and got a little antsy when it didn't show up so I headed over to Poetic Bloomings and found a new form to try. Since this form is completely unfamiliar to me, I am quoting what Marie Elena and Walt posted in their blog: "Parallelogram … Continue reading “In your arms”