Golden Shovel

Recently, Poetic Asides (Robert Brewer) hosted a challenge to write a Golden Shovel poem. This was a new form to me. Here are the rules: · Take a line (or lines) from a poem you admire. · Use each word in the line (or lines) as an end word in your poem. · Keep the … Continue reading Golden Shovel


The soft changeling

“The soft changeling” They went in as lemon. They came out as squid. I slide the muffins from the oven wondering if I can serve changelings at church. K is yammering about handstands—as if. . . as if she is young and lithe, but I hear only a pecking at this loofah orb that has … Continue reading The soft changeling

“Love risking”

The prompt for this week was to write a risk poem. There are all kinds of risks we can take. Just getting up in the morning can be risky at times. We risk our health, we risk our lives, we risk losing. On the flip side, we risk winning. I chose to go with something … Continue reading “Love risking”

“The end of herself”

Another Wednesday Prompt. We're suppose to write a dead end poem. I seem to be running into a lot of those. Note: not all poetry is autobiographical, but you never know. . . "The end of herself" Summer after summer while she waited for someone to stoop to lift her chin and stare intently into her … Continue reading “The end of herself”

“The lady on the bridge”

Today's prompt was to write a friend of a friend poem, either in the voice of the friend of a friend or about that person. Writing about a friend of a friend threw me for a few minutes. But, this was great practice at disassociating myself from the poem itself, keeping it from becoming sentimental, … Continue reading “The lady on the bridge”