Time for Six

It’s time to revisit our Earthling vs. Weird Poet chat. Let’s review the reasons “normal earthlings” don’t read poetry: 1. They don’t understand it. 2. It doesn’t make sense. 3. They are “too stupid” to understand it. (Not my words.) 4. And it’s boring. 5. Poetry takes time—they’re short, but require contemplation. 6. Their 10th … Continue reading Time for Six


I’m reblogging Kris Swanguarin’s insights on why even poets struggle with poetry. He has some interesting turns of phrases that you’ll enjoy.

Milk of Moonlight:

The secret is out. Poets in their soul of souls don’t like a lot of poetry.

A month of Sundays ago, over at J. Lynn Sheridan’s poetry blog, Writing on the Sun,  was a breezy post called, Secrets from a Poet. She began an occasional series on why people don’t like to read poetry. As I suspected and Sheridan confirmed, many if not most people experience poetry as a gigantic bag of wind.

The week before she posted that her husband had admitted he didn’t like poetry and she wanted to know why. She posted his reasons: “It doesn’t make sense.” “He doesn’t understand it.” “It’s boring.” She also included many comments from readers who share their reasons for their poetic antagonisms. Then, she did the unexpected, the improbable and the shocking. She admitted that even she, a poet herself, not only sympathizes with these sentiments…

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Welcome to Writing on the Sun

A poet lives in a perpetual state of wonder and wander. S/he is a nomad yearning to package a thought or feeling or event in verse, to save it, to relive it, to share it. We are really just word photographers. Some say word painters. The title of this blog comes from Willa Cather’s novel, … Continue reading Welcome to Writing on the Sun