Of pleasure and of pain

Hey, that’s my line!

Poetic Bloomings challenged us to “steal” a line from another poet,from any previous prompt. I wrote two but am posting this one:

“Now high, now low, the harmony of pleasure and of pain
 Sweeps soulfully across the sea and land.” Janet Martin’s Villianelle June 27, 2012
(Thank you, Janet)

“Of pleasure and of pain”

The harmony of pleasure
 and of pain, sweeps soulfully
across the sea and the land.

The sea may rage and argue
against spring’s thundering
hand and I may ride the rain

like waves of war cutting across
meadowland and dwelling,
with a swelling fear inside

my breast—the pain of height,
the fear of depths too deep
 to see. I breathe numb, I stumble

dumb into the message from
one who walked these seas.
Tonight I sleep with my blind

voice, reciting pithy proverbs,
 the lore of folk, weak and fruit-
less. I need a strong hand to

stroke in the torrid thunder,
I need a voice to hush the gales,
to awaken my eyes to prayer

and the promises that sweep
 soulfully across the sea and
land, a guiding hand to ease

my shorn soul. Tomorrow I’ll
wake to that Voice on the
breeze, singing a simple prayer,

gently brushing love through
the wind in my hair.


When Poetry Fails



“When Poetry Fails”

A crisp couplet
or fine internal rhyme

cannot conquer a cobra
nor can it fill a dry well

nor sing praise when dirges
reign in the heat of pain,

Rejoicing while your brother cries
is like pouring salt into his wounds.

A lighten strike into his soul.

I distrust my muse. Today
a poem will not satisfy.

“This morning I’m just . . .”

PAD Day 23.

Write a morning poem.
Every attempt I made to write/wax/scribe beauty
just sounded quixotic because—


“This morning I’m just. . . ”

 A silly millimeter closer to either the
bounty or perhaps the blizzard of your
cursory hug or was it an intentional stab,
dang, they feel the same–

 this bedlam of pleasure and pain.

(This is an ABC form: The first four lines are in alphabetical order,
the fifth line isn’t. The poet creates a mood, picture, or feeling with the
first four lines and ends with a bang.)

(photo: stock.xchng:michilina)