Of pleasure and of pain

Hey, that’s my line! Poetic Bloomings challenged us to “steal” a line from another poet,from any previous prompt. I wrote two but am posting this one: “Now high, now low, the harmony of pleasure and of pain  Sweeps soulfully across the sea and land.” Janet Martin's Villianelle June 27, 2012 (Thank you, Janet) “Of pleasure and … Continue reading Of pleasure and of pain


When Poetry Fails

  “When Poetry Fails” A crisp couplet or fine internal rhyme cannot conquer a cobra nor can it fill a dry well nor sing praise when dirges reign in the heat of pain, Rejoicing while your brother cries is like pouring salt into his wounds. A lighten strike into his soul. I distrust my muse. … Continue reading When Poetry Fails

“This morning I’m just . . .”

PAD Day 23. Write a morning poem. Every attempt I made to write/wax/scribe beauty just sounded quixotic because— “This morning I’m just. . . ”  A silly millimeter closer to either the bounty or perhaps the blizzard of your cursory hug or was it an intentional stab, dang, they feel the same--  this bedlam of … Continue reading “This morning I’m just . . .”