Recapturing Passion

April Poem-A-Day

Day 4. For today’s prompt, write a catch-up poem.

While I am playing catch-up, I didn’t write about that. Sometimes catching up on life is more complicated. But before I share my poem, I’d like to mention that I am an honorable mention in the November PAD Chapbook Challenge. It really is an honor!!


2022 April PAD Challenge

National Poetry Month kicks off today and that means it’s time for the Writer’s Digest 2022 April PAD Challenge. (PAD is short for Poem-A-Day.) Robert Brewer posts a daily prompt and poets poem. It’s that simple. Or that difficult. Depending on the day and the prompt.

Here we go.

Day 1. “For today’s prompt, pick a word that begins with F, make it the title of your poem, and then, write your poem.”

I wrote a type of Fibonacci but the spacing isn’t accurate on this graphic.


In four days, the 2021 November Poem-A-Day Challenge will begin. If you enjoy writing poetry or if you want to kickstart your budding poetry interests, I encourage you to join thousands of poets around the world in this unique challenge. Robert Lee Brewer posts a writing prompt each morning and you as the poet, write your poem then post it on the PAD forum. All the rules and guidelines are found at this link.

Get your metaphors ready now!!

November PAD 2020

We’ve had a full moon, Halloween, a time change, three barometric pressure migraine alerts, snow, a hurricane, fires, an upcoming election, and oh, yeah . . . a continuing pandemic. Sigh.

So, who’s ready to poem. The Writers Digest November Poem-A-Day Challenge begins today. It’s fun. It’s free.

For today’s prompt, write an enter poem.

The Gentle Voice

Poem-A-Day prompt
April 26 For today’s prompt, write a change poem.

The Gentle Voice

As If

Poem-A-Day Prompt
April 21 For today’s prompt, write a love/anti-love poem.

As If (1)