Anaphora poem

“Composing" Languishing in this old room. Duel Voices. His and Hers. Scrawled in anguished blue. Unvoiced and memorized— Her Voice the famished Voice—a choice bred by the noises of slow ignores. His Voice, the language of every voice that vanished comfortably in time. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Our Lost Jungle poetry form challenge: challenge #2 “Today’s prompt is … Continue reading Anaphora poem


Poetry Challenge

Beginning Today!!! Khara House, over at Our Lost Jungle, is once again holding one of her famous poetry challenges.  Khara is the ubber-creative queen of Challenges. She knows how to inflame your lulled senses. No more sleepy poetry.  Are you ready for a Challenge? The Our Lost Jungle Poetry Form Challenge

Submit-O-Rama Begins Today!

Our Lost Jungle has done it again! If you’re up for another challenge. (I know. I know. We just finished a whirlwind of April P.A.D. challenges—Poetic Asides, NaPoWriMo,Miz Quickly and a host of others.) What do you do with all those poems? Join Ms. Khara House as she hosts another Submit-O-Rama. Choose Your level of … Continue reading Submit-O-Rama Begins Today!

One/A TriVail

There’s nothing like a tainted cantaloupe to spoil the workings of a poet’s imagination not to mention, body. Salmonella will never be welcome in my home or blog. I’m glad it isn’t for sale and I’m glad my family didn’t share in my misery. I’ve been playing inside Khara’s House’s jungle (Our Lost Jungle) kind … Continue reading One/A TriVail