Anaphora poem


in this old room.
Duel Voices.

His and Hers.
Scrawled in anguished blue.
Unvoiced and memorized—
Her Voice
the famished Voice—a choice bred
by the noises of slow ignores. His Voice,
the language of every voice that vanished
comfortably in time.


Our Lost Jungle poetry form challenge: challenge #2

“Today’s prompt is to write an anaphora poem. Also known as epanaphora, anaphora is the “repetition of a word [or words] at the beginning of two or more successive verses, clauses, or sentences.” A lot of poets consider anaphora just the repetition of the same word at the beginning of each line. However, anaphora can be a lot more diverse, and subtle, than that. Sometimes the poet uses the same word/phrase; sometimes they use one word for a while, and switch to another in the next section/stanza.”


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The Our Lost Jungle Poetry Form Challenge

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One/A TriVail

There’s nothing like a tainted cantaloupe to spoil the workings of a poet’s imagination not to mention, body. Salmonella will never be welcome in my home or blog. I’m glad it isn’t for sale and I’m glad my family didn’t share in my misery.

I’ve been playing inside Khara’s House’s jungle (Our Lost Jungle) kind of feeling like a two-toed sloth moving to the beat of sludge neglecting everything but the necessary.
Her ninth and final challenge is to create our own poetry form based on the previous eight challenges which can be found at her blog. We are not required to give the rules but I will post my rules on  my Forms page. I did name it: The TriVail and it is loosely based on the Monostich.


One clear sky
can’t contain night’s lullaby.

One soft kiss
can’t express love’s dual bliss.

A babe’s cry
under wing softens to sighs.

Here we sing
in love while raindrops ring.

Take my fire;
my faith in our shared desire.

Take my heart;
sculpt it into passion’s art.

One long gaze.
One long touch.
One long love.