The sedoka


mountain, snow


When you return, love.
I will be in the mountains,
kissing the breath of cold sky.

It’s warmer here, love,
than the chaise beside the hearth
where you burrow with the cat.


For the full story about sedoka, visit the dVerse website.

Meanwhile, here is a summary:

“The sedoka is an unrhymed poem consisting of two tercets with a scheme of 5-7-7 and 5-7-7 syllables, a total of 38 syllables containing idea more subtly complex than a tanka but much less complex than a choka.

Each verse presents an independent thought, and is called a katauta, literally a half-song. This suggests that the sedoka’s origins are musical in nature, some sedoka repeat the third and sixth lines, like a refrain, though this isn’t a rule.

The poem’s two verses usually provide two perspectives on the theme, with a sharp division after the third line, and a soft turn after line five, before the conclusion.

Often the first verse will describe a natural image or scene, and the second verse the same scene from a different perspective, or a philosophical or emotional reaction to the first.

Together, the two katautas embody the full theme of the sedoka.”

Sadly, Sedoka has already fallen into disuse, and thus is a dying form.


Sipping Champagne

Too many images invade (assault) our sights hearts minds souls and drag us down, bury us, and leave us hopeless or in despair. This year, my quest is to override these images with my own amateur click and shoot photo’s on my journey to seek beauty despite or inside the ugly. Not to deny but to balance. Along the way, I will be sharing a few opportunities for you to join me.

Since my journey begins January 1, today’s images are courtesy stock.xnchg.

The prompt is courtesy Poetic Bloomings.

“Sipping Champagne”

Far too often I have stood
in the foothills and pondered
the mountain majesties
until sunset cools
and daybreak warms,


prowling the perimeter
camping on tumbleweeds
lapping dust when I could
be sipping champagne
at the summit.

Mountain Creek

Beauty rests among infinite
images, awaiting courageous
hearts to seek and find and inscribe
and proclaim, beauty in the beautifully-beautiful
and beauty in the ugly-beautiful,
in the awkward-beautiful,
in the struggle of beauty,


beauty in the wayward—beautiful,
in the yearning for beauty,
in the old beautiful and beauty in the now
where it calls from the new mountain
that I’ll climb with abandon

1409751_blue_mountains_-_sunsetGavin Terpstra

and along the way discover
stones of beauty
in the bruises of thorns,
in the ribbons of spontaneous trails
and the dew of mountain mornings
and the blue feathered phlox.


I’ll sip champagne in the foothills
of 2013 where my quest for beauty begins
and the summit woos me with rebirth.