The Nasher

Sounds a little wonky, doesn’t it?

A Nasher?

RJ Clarken over at Poetic Bloomings introduces us to the Nasher.
(I keep thinking it’s some kind of Irish Potato. A combo of bangers and mash, perhaps.)

RJ writes, “According to John Drury in his The Poetry Dictionary, a Nasher is, ‘a light-verse form, invented by Ogden Nash, in which lines ranging from very short to extremely long *rhyme comically in* couplets.’


Billy Alexander 5Oogden nash

It’s basically a license to write anything poetic that you wish, just so long as the lines (in couplet form) end in end-rhyme or even wrenched end-rhyme.”

Here’s my attempt:

“Lessons from a miser on triple-couponing”

According to parsimonious Everett McPrudent
no one ever graduates from grocery-shopping student

to teacher to expert to grand master of the coupon
(Pardon me, would you happen to have any Grey Poupon?)

without acquiring one of life’s finer pleasures,
(vastly overrated, but of course a great treasure)—

The free procurance of Baluga gray caviar (fragile, defiled)
respectfully espied in the bargain-basement aisle.