Guilty Once I was a daughter with infinite innocent sleep playing dress-up and walking on air until the day I woke up. Then I did what every poet did— composed untamed rhyme from prayer to prayer like a solitaire ceremony, rewriting my memory without knowing why. ~~~ 2017 April PAD Challenge: Day 19


The Stoning

I know this face, chiseled stone. He pulls to the side of the road, gravel spits at our legs, mine shaking, him yelling, at you to get in the car, teethed curses spilling through the window. I know this face. His face. In your face. What ‘re ya? Stupid? Door slams closing out the ink … Continue reading The Stoning

Deep eyes

Written for PAD Day 23 Write a Deep Poem Geode Manipulated Photograph Elizabeth Crawford

When he is gone

         “When he is gone” Who will brush the steely sunspots from your eyes when he is gone? When night ascends and wandering thoughts loop through dungeons dark and pungent? Who will sound the battle cry when “take ye in remembrance of me” is no longer your joy? When he is gone … Continue reading When he is gone

Moonlit memory

Standing to the left of her night but right in the center of love, silk mystery calling from behind, opening to heaven above and the fragrance of the paths she walked on Earth, now void of yellow and sway.   Writer’s Digest PAD Two fer Tuesday: right and left poem (I combined them) and 1sojournalPhoto prompt … Continue reading Moonlit memory