“This morning I’m just . . .”

PAD Day 23. Write a morning poem. Every attempt I made to write/wax/scribe beauty just sounded quixotic because— “This morning I’m just. . . ”  A silly millimeter closer to either the bounty or perhaps the blizzard of your cursory hug or was it an intentional stab, dang, they feel the same--  this bedlam of … Continue reading “This morning I’m just . . .”


“Backpacking in the Mark Twain National Forest”

DAY 16 PAD Write a mixed-up poem. I wrote one last week. That was the poem I didn't post but I wasn't feeling it today so I wrote a new one. This one is about mixed up feelings. She thinks she's in love and she thinks he is, too, but from his actions it's obviously … Continue reading “Backpacking in the Mark Twain National Forest”

“He had a blond Martin”

PAD Challenge Day 8 Sunday's prompt was to write a rejection poem. Too many tired cliches came to my mind but in poetry, love and rejection go together like bread and . . . . I'm not going there. Cliche, cliche, cliche. They are kind of like six-letter, four-letter words. Stear clear of them in … Continue reading “He had a blond Martin”

“I’ll believe it when I hear . . . ”

I admit it. I was stumped for last week's prompt from Poetic Asides. We were suppose to write a poem with this title: "I'll believe it when . . . " Everything I thought of was incredibly boring or simply dumb. Just like that last sentence. There are imaginings that are brilliant and there are … Continue reading “I’ll believe it when I hear . . . ”