The Fragile Inn

The Fragile Inn The morning clouds scatter over the earth like a vapor, chimney smoke hovers then grasps the curling tendrils and sets sail. Men of dust are moving about with hushed voices saying, “the grave is never full” and “it’s a sad truth that folks gotta move out to make room for babes moving … Continue reading The Fragile Inn


Every Life Needs its Own Mirror

I’m sharing a pantoum that I wrote yesterday for a prompt from the site formally known as Poetic Bloomings. The amazing poets who contribute to this site have recently voted in a new name: Creative Bloomings because the founding administrators, Walt Wojtanik, Marie Elena Good, and fellow contributing poets are now incorporating flashy fiction and … Continue reading Every Life Needs its Own Mirror

“Moses” -after Frida Kahlo

This is a first for me. I've never written an Ekphrastic poem. For one, it's a funny word. According to Merriam-Webster, it means "a literary description of or commentary on a visual work of art." So, to write an Ekphrastic poem, you need a work of art. We were given a choice of four paintings … Continue reading “Moses” -after Frida Kahlo