Apple Pie Ice Cream Dream

Written for Poetic Bloomings Prompt # 193

WE ALL SCREAM: Pick a favourite flavour as your inspiration and use it as the title of your poem. Points for making up your own flavour! Bonus points if your poem actually has nothing to do with ice cream!

I stretched it a little. And added a cat. Because . . . well . . . cats and ice cream . . . even though my poem has nothing to do with cats.

Apple Pie Ice Cream Dreams (1)

Apple Pie Dream

a red white and blue sky morning
a cuppa and another
cuppa down the hatch, Jack

newsreels reeling, airwaves crackling
another red white and blue stars and stripes
up in smoke mad world spinning on FIRE

out of love with Lady Liberty
Lady reporter sings in her mic,
we’re all gonna die, we’re all gonna die
world sinkin’ into a mire of fear

tears tumble inside the empty tide
where standin’ right there right
inside the sea right
inside a wave of grief

39 signers with inky fingers
holding up a parchment of gold
(safe and sound)

tonight’s delight—
a Grand Canyon dipper (or two)
of apple pie dreamy creamy à la  pro patria
nestled inside one giant melting pot (or two)

it’ll be a cozy night
a gonna take it slowly night
for mom and baseball
for mustangs and rodeos
for James Fennimore, Twain, and Poe

under a blue moon of dreams.


The Beauty of Aging

He wears the golden emblem
over his wedding ring—
the few the proud the brave—

these hands remember


She washes bouquets of steel
in fragrant suds—
for him for children lost in time—

these hands remember


the years offered
in love when patience
trembled in fear

before hope was for an eternity
and age was found in the work
of their hands.