Evening chores


Prompt: An  Impression: Tuesday Tryouts at Wordgathering


“Evening chores”    (a Tanka)

The wind mutes no song
on warm clouds, white’s a flyin’,
I share the music
with Anna, with Blue ‘fore the
thunder churns a sapphire dusk song.

Behold! the western
enemy comes crashing at
our knees, a whipping
vengeance upon field ‘n beast.
Each man rolling up his share

of the land. Mighty
is the hand of God even
on the righteous and
the strong. On muted wind no
man can hide a silent song.


~J.lynn Sheridan~


“Sunrise bow”

PAD Challenge Day 10

A 2-fer Tuesday-write about the tree and/or write about the forest. Since most of the time, I can’t see the forest for the trees, I chose ONE tree.
I did write a forest one, but I’m posting just one 2-fer today.

“Sunrise bow”

I come in peace—I come in shame
escaping want—drowning in should

needing pause

(a rest in mercy)

enfold me
Mighty Oak

beneath the wings of your boughs
where I am never alone.