Evening chores

Prompt: An  Impression: Tuesday Tryouts at Wordgathering   “Evening chores”    (a Tanka) The wind mutes no song on warm clouds, white’s a flyin’, I share the music with Anna, with Blue ‘fore the thunder churns a sapphire dusk song. Behold! the western enemy comes crashing at our knees, a whipping vengeance upon field ‘n beast. … Continue reading Evening chores


“Sunrise bow”

PAD Challenge Day 10 A 2-fer Tuesday-write about the tree and/or write about the forest. Since most of the time, I can't see the forest for the trees, I chose ONE tree. I did write a forest one, but I'm posting just one 2-fer today. “Sunrise bow” I come in peace—I come in shame escaping … Continue reading “Sunrise bow”