What he left behind in the smiling sun

What he left behind in the smiling sun He dared to bury ours in the silty soils of the deep Skane forest—my father's father's father— from a peasant’s straw bed to servant’s hayloft to the sweating vomit in the hull of a steamer cargo to a weedy Nebraskan soddy dripping with snakes— an earth dweller … Continue reading What he left behind in the smiling sun


The Truth About Family

Day 24 PAD: “The truth about __________” Theme: Alzheimer’s/dementia Image: Harmony Manipulated Digital Painting by Elizabeth Crawford

Outside IN

 I am paste— on a plastic tab stuck to paper kangaroo rear-ends. I am band-aid— on ripped scalp and wounded knee. I am pink medicine and nebulizer tubing, I am dandelion milk and clover-gemmed forever I am— soil•stone• soap•shore •army men• pretend•hairspray•Amen. I am collector— of doubts and tears, recorder of wasted brilliance. I am … Continue reading Outside IN

“The silent law”

Day 9 Whew! Write a shady poem. I had some inspiration and assistance with this one. So, thank you Nutmeg, my muse for today. Sometimes mine goes on an extended vacation and forgets to bring me. One of these days I'll get creative and write a form instead of free-verse. “The silent law” He was … Continue reading “The silent law”