Her World Will End Now Hollow (after T.S. Eliot The Hollow Men) This is the way the world ends They’ve pointed their guns This is the way the world ends With threats unspared This is the way the world ends For those who oppose This is the way her world ends Not with a bang but … Continue reading Hollow


Outside IN

 I am paste— on a plastic tab stuck to paper kangaroo rear-ends. I am band-aid— on ripped scalp and wounded knee. I am pink medicine and nebulizer tubing, I am dandelion milk and clover-gemmed forever I am— soil•stone• soap•shore •army men• pretend•hairspray•Amen. I am collector— of doubts and tears, recorder of wasted brilliance. I am … Continue reading Outside IN

Shooting Star

PAD 30 Write a fading poem. I'm not sure why this poem pOpped into my head today, but it did and I suppose I should have tried to write something more meaningful and sentimental about PAD ending. Since I don't see it as an ending of relationships, I didn't go that route.  Or maybe it's because I … Continue reading Shooting Star