Full Goatee’d Man

We Write Poems   #115 7/26/12

The prompt was “about observing and considering probably common things that you might see any day. As you go about your day, select some moment, some place where you are – then as Joseph Harker suggests – pick the first object that you see and write about it in a completely unexpected way. That’s it, no more, no less.”

“Full Goatee’d Man”

He’s a barrel of monkeys with a silky
mop hanging from his chin like sin,
cigar growing inside, roots and all.
He chews on his ruffled ‘stache, gray
at the top, rust at the ends, oiled in spit.
He wants his diamonds like I want
chocolate, just a kind of hug to placate
nerves, a cleansing of an agitated palate.
I serve us up some libations and cheese
because neither one of us wants to go
home and be who we aren’t.


“Her fantasy”


Her fantasy

she has picked all the sequins off
a lightening-struck
mountain peak

and lost her shoes in a valley of
beheaded wildflowers

after ghostly winds
have tossed and driven
her about on ocean red with fire,

she finally learns to believe
she is good enough
for diamonds.

(photo: stock.xchng:johnnyberg)