The Fragile Inn

The Fragile Inn The morning clouds scatter over the earth like a vapor, chimney smoke hovers then grasps the curling tendrils and sets sail. Men of dust are moving about with hushed voices saying, “the grave is never full” and “it’s a sad truth that folks gotta move out to make room for babes moving … Continue reading The Fragile Inn


The Passing Voice

“The Passing Voice” She’s sitting on the line not willingly I know she’d rather be on the other side of life’s woundings. Thin gray eyes, willowy fingers— a lost prize of vanity, a long breathy silence, with a wilting slow voice tells me she must watch the dead people. I ceased shivering years ago; her … Continue reading The Passing Voice

Missing Lora

Oh, how I will miss my rough and ragged my tough and gentle loyal  friend.

Erasure Poetry

Our Lost Jungle challenges us to randomly take a slice of writing and erase bits of it to create something new. Erasure poetry is just what it sounds like and can be quite liberating. My son had been reading Romeo and Juliet for school and since that was the closest thing to me, I opened … Continue reading Erasure Poetry

A poem in love

  Love— the marriage of our silent saturnine moods. between the first goodnight kiss and the final brush of breath eyelash to eyelash till death do us apart.   Wordsmith Studio Poetry Prompt: Love

In the Eye

the coffee is bitter but I sip it anyway she opens the needlepoint on her lap and says she’s going to finish it. some day, she is alone in the company of self, hurricane sandy is sweeping the ocean, the TV drones in its hardness of reporting, and she is stuck in the eye of … Continue reading In the Eye