November PAD

2015 November PAD Chapbook Challenge Poets, prepare yourselves. Buy yourself a fancy notebook. Fix a snack. Turn off your phone. Turn on some Duke Ellington or the Bee Gee's or The Doobie Brothers or whatever floats your boat.  It's time for another poetic challenge from Writers Digest! This is the PAD CHAPBOOK challenge. It's a … Continue reading November PAD


Platform-It’s for Poets, too.

Beginning  on October 1, 2015, Robert Lee Brewer (Writers Digest) is once again offering a Platform Challenge.  "This challenge will help writers through the process of improving their writing platforms by providing one task to complete for each day of the month in October. I will share tips and advice related to the task. By … Continue reading Platform-It’s for Poets, too.

Found Poetry Review Challenge

Was one of your poetry goals to participate in more poetry challenges? If so, I have just the challenge for you. This one sounds like fun (and a little bit of work.) The Found Poetry Review is inviting established and emerging poets to participate in its 2015 National Poetry Month project, PoMoSco (short for Poetry … Continue reading Found Poetry Review Challenge

14 Words for Love

  Up for another challenge? This one is fun. I participated last year and was amazed, amused, and awed by the writing power of poets and writers worldwide sharing their fourteen words for love. “14 Words For Love began last year, with the hope of garnering a few hundred poems to hand out to the … Continue reading 14 Words for Love

“The battle rages”

            Write a challenge poem. Any kind of challenge. Short poems are a challenge. Life is a challenge. Love is a challenge. “The battle rages” You were eighteen when I told you your greatest asset was your strong will. You were nineteen when I told you your greatest downfall will … Continue reading “The battle rages”