November PAD

2015 November PAD Chapbook Challenge

Poets, prepare yourselves. Buy yourself a fancy notebook. Fix a snack. Turn off your phone. Turn on some Duke Ellington or the Bee Gee’s or The Doobie Brothers or whatever floats your boat.  It’s time for another poetic challenge from Writers Digest!

November PAD2

This is the PAD CHAPBOOK challenge. It’s a little different from the April challenge in that you will write a poem each day based on the posted prompt, then you’ll compile the best of the bunch into a theme with the idea of creating your own chapbook and then submit the whole kit and caboodle.

Many poets will daily share their first or second draft on the challenge site in order to participate in poetic community. But, it’s not necessary.  More fun, perhaps. And more neighborly. But, it won’t win you any points with the judges.

Generally, I don’t read any of the shared poems before I post mine. If I did, I’d never post. If you are prone to jealousy or comparison, I suggest you don’t either. For myself, I’m prone to intimidation. I read three posted poems and I want to quiver in my blanky and scold myself for even attempting this annual event.  (I left out the part with my thumb in my mouth. TMI)

What I like about this challenge is that participating poets have the month of December to revise their poems and get them in order before submitting. This gives you some thinking time which comes in handy because the month of November is notorious for being overly busy with a certain holiday consisting of family, feasting, and football frolicking.

So, find your happy place, your writing nook, your lucky pen, or your solitary shadowy retreat.


Then find your groove and come poem with us crazy poets.


Platform-It’s for Poets, too.

Beginning  on October 1, 2015, Robert Lee Brewer (Writers Digest) is once again offering a Platform Challenge. 

“This challenge will help writers through the process of improving
their writing platforms by providing one task to complete for each
day of the month in October. I will share tips and advice related to
the task. By the end of the month, writers of all skill levels should
have a better grip on their platforms.”

If it were not for Robert’s first Challenge, I wouldn’t know a smidgen about blogging or WordPress or Twitter chats. I learned more in one month than I thought possible. Wordsmith Studio, my writers’ group, evolved from that first challenge.

I don’t know what this new challenge will entail, but I’m sure it involves social media. Writers need to be on top of the digital world where things change rapidly.


If you are a poet and want to showcase your work or get more involved in the worldwide poetry community, go straight to the October Challenge and sign up by leaving a comment.

He is even dangling a few trinkets you could win.


Great books!

This challenge can change your entire success as a writer and open your world.

The best part-it’s FREE!

Go for it!

Found Poetry Review Challenge

Was one of your poetry goals to participate in more poetry challenges? If so, I have just the challenge for you.

This one sounds like fun (and a little bit of work.)

National Poetry Month Badge

The Found Poetry Review is inviting established and emerging poets to participate in its 2015 National Poetry Month project, PoMoSco (short for Poetry Month Scouts.)

A short definition: Found poetry is a poetry form in which you utilize preexisting text and reshape it into a poem.

The challenge is to complete their poetry prompts in five poetic categories: remix, erasure, conceptual, chance operations, and out and about.

Thus, you must possess a willingness to experiment. (What poet doesn’t want to experiment?) In return for all your poeming, you can earn at least 30 merit badges and something special at the end of the challenge.

Oh, and you’ll need to have a Facebook account to join.

But, you don’t have a whole lot of time to think about it.

Registration for PoMoSco is open until 11:59 p.m. EST on February 1, 2015.

I just signed up although I haven’t had much experience with Found Poetry. My goal was to step out of my comfort zone. So, I’m stepping into this challenge.

Won’t you join me?

(Thank you, Misky, found-poetry extraordinaire, for the heads up.)

14 Words for Love


Up for another challenge?

This one is fun. I participated last year and was amazed, amused, and awed by the writing power of poets and writers worldwide sharing their fourteen words for love.

14 Words For Love began last year, with the hope of garnering a few hundred poems to hand out to the homeless, legislators, taxi drivers and teachers–anyone on Valentine’s Day.” Over 3000 poems were collected and distributed.

From their FB page: “It’s time again for 14 Words For Love! Writing a 14-word poem, story or aphorism is a small and fun challenge that hundreds of people–from middle school to assisted living–can do to express love for the world. How does it work? SIMPLE. Experiment here. Write a 14-word valentine.”


Go to 14 Words for Love for all the directions.

Share the love.

“The battle rages”







Write a challenge poem. Any kind of challenge. Short poems are a challenge. Life is a challenge. Love is a challenge.

“The battle rages”

You were eighteen when I told
you your greatest asset was
your strong will.

You were nineteen when I told
you your greatest downfall will be
your strong will.

The battle rages in open spaces.

Today I ache to know you again.