Share your love of poetry

Tomorrow is International Book Giving Day What better day is there to share your love of poetry than on Valentine’s Day? I’m sure you have a poetry book or two hidden between the couch cushions or under a bed that someone would love to read. Here are some suggestions for how to celebrate and share … Continue reading Share your love of poetry


Author’s heart beat.

  The rhythm of words                                                                     beneath a cover. Author's heart beat. Wordsmith Studio Photo Prompt

Winter fire

While I continue to receive comments about the Oh-so-Weird-Poets from the 3-D world, I'm hanging around with my Oh-so-Weird Poets in the cyber-world. (For a refresher see Poets are Weird.) What I have here is a loose Vietnamese luc bat poem. To learn the form, head over to Robert Brewer's description. If you like to count, … Continue reading Winter fire