Working blue

Working blue my fingers need a home A warm place to breathe and roam They trampoline over coal domes combing letters to grow a tome of groan or love or poems to bemoan (oh, woe is me) or some other overblown droning on and on and on and Oh, I don’t know . . . … Continue reading Working blue


Free-write Friday

Just for fun.  "I chose blue" For some reason the blue button has scratch marks on it. Like a dog had clawed it or a child gnawed. It’s right at the same height as a six year old. I like kids. So I push the blue button. The elevator jerks, stops, jerks, and heads down. … Continue reading Free-write Friday

100% blue

Day 4 of PAD Write a 100% poem. Frankly, I thought this was a strange one but others didn't because they came up with some rockin' poems that left me blue cuz I didn't. By the way, that is not me in the picture but she looked blue so I used it. 100% blue A … Continue reading 100% blue