The Rebel Givers

Poem-A-Day Poetry Prompt 14
April 13 For today’s prompt, write a form/anti-form poem.
I decided to take a break from the harshness and have a little fun. I chose to write a blackout poem.  

“A blackout poem is when a poet takes a marker (usually black marker) to already established text–like in a newspaper–and starts redacting words until a poem is formed. The key thing with a blackout poem is that the text AND redacted text form a sort of visual poem.”

The text is from an article a friend wrote. I don’t think he’ll mind that I mangled his hard work. But, that’s art, right?

The Givers (2)

The Rebel Givers

Throughout the summer,
the city men sealed their homes
with a red cross and fed the king of England

the filth on the streets.