“Surviving 1930 or 2130”

DAY 14 PAD Challenge I realize I skipped posting a poem yesterday. Some prompts just don't motivate me or maybe I'm just a bit lazy at times. I'll post yesterdays tomorrow or maybe another day but for today the prompt was to write a doomsday poem, however you interpret that. “Surviving 1930 or 2130” Your … Continue reading “Surviving 1930 or 2130”


“Canvas coal trousers and a bourbon”

Day 5 Yes, this is a marathon and I'm already feeling the stress of writing a poem a day. For some, they just spew them off like rockets but for me it's a long process of feeling. Today we had to reach back into history--something before our time and since I'm sorting through geneology stuff … Continue reading “Canvas coal trousers and a bourbon”