Mix and Match Muse

Creative Bloomings, one of the poetry blogs I frequent, offered up a poetry prompt this week called Mix and Match Muse. I was tickled to learn I won this week's bloom for the visuals. Here is the prompt: Autumn is a time of change. The skies are changeable, day get shorter still, The foliage takes … Continue reading Mix and Match Muse


Orange Matches

  “Orange Matches” It’s sad that leaves burn twice in Fall first on the branch then in the pyre, Burning matches struck by matches a fate for Autumn colors, A keening cloud hides tiny hands that tuck the saved ‘tween leaves of poets’ lyre and all the children cry for one more Autumn rain. *** … Continue reading Orange Matches

“I only hear the shadows groan”

DAY 11 Write a season poem and name it the season. So, okay, I didn't really name mine "Autumn." Call me a rebel. “I only hear the shadows groan” The tree shadows groan and she asks me if the autumn sky opens the day in thanks for the winds that shake the forest throne, do … Continue reading “I only hear the shadows groan”