The Slow Forget–Dementia poetry

In the past I have posted some poems about Alzheimer's and dementia and many of you have responded that you, too, have a loved one that struggles with this disease. In order to not spam this blog with dementia poetry and in order to create a place for sharing, venting, connecting, I have created a … Continue reading The Slow Forget–Dementia poetry


Rebirth Reflected

 "Rebirth Reflected” I don’t know much other than life is not so much a circle but more like a mirror and if we’re strong enough to give wings and if we love big enough to embrace the contrasts, life emerges in symmetry. This morning I bring your coffee and worry about that cough. Tonight I’ll … Continue reading Rebirth Reflected

Collecting tapestries

  Written in response to PAD Day 26: Write about collecting My theme: Alzheimer's/dementia Image: 1sojournal Set Adrift Pen & Ink Zendala w/digital background by Elizabeth Crawford

Descent is a rising

  PAD: Write an opposite poem Theme: Alzheimer's/dementia Image: 1sojournal The Kiss Manipulated Photograph by Elizabeth Crawford

The Truth About Family

Day 24 PAD: “The truth about __________” Theme: Alzheimer’s/dementia Image: Harmony Manipulated Digital Painting by Elizabeth Crawford

Deep eyes

Written for PAD Day 23 Write a Deep Poem Geode Manipulated Photograph Elizabeth Crawford