The Slow Forget–Dementia poetry

In the past I have posted some poems about Alzheimer’s and dementia and many of you have responded that you, too, have a loved one that struggles with this disease.

In order to not spam this blog with dementia poetry and in order to create
a place for sharing, venting, connecting, I have created a new blog specifically for those who want to share their journey with dementia through the avenue of poetry.

I invite you to come visit The Slow Forget.


Next week, I’ll post a prompt at The Slow Forget that hopefully with trigger an emotion, spark some creativity, and promote healing.

It won’t all be grief or misery. There are bright and humorous moments, too.

Connecting is important. I’ll see you over there.



Rebirth Reflected


 “Rebirth Reflected”

I don’t know much
other than life is not so much
a circle but more like a mirror
and if we’re strong enough to give
wings and if we love big enough
to embrace the contrasts,
life emerges in symmetry.

This morning I bring your coffee
and worry about that cough.
Tonight I’ll make soup
and tuck you into bed
with a story.

I am you and you are me,
completing the contrast in




PAD Day 29: Write a birth poem

Theme: Alzheimer’s/dementia


Manipulated Photograph
Elizabeth Crawford 1sojournal

Collecting tapestries

Collecting tapestries


Written in response to PAD Day 26: Write about collecting
My theme: Alzheimer’s/dementia
Image: 1sojournal

Set Adrift
Pen & Ink Zendala w/digital background
Elizabeth Crawford

Descent is a rising

Descent is a rising three


PAD: Write an opposite poem
Theme: Alzheimer’s/dementia
Image: 1sojournal

The Kiss
Manipulated Photograph
Elizabeth Crawford

The Truth About Family

The truth about family

Day 24

PAD: “The truth about __________”

Theme: Alzheimer’s/dementia

Image: Harmony
Manipulated Digital Painting by Elizabeth Crawford

Deep eyes

Image 1sojournal Poem J.lynn

Written for PAD Day 23 Write a Deep Poem

Geode Manipulated Photograph
Elizabeth Crawford