The Beauty of Aging

He wears the golden emblem
over his wedding ring—
the few the proud the brave—

these hands remember


She washes bouquets of steel
in fragrant suds—
for him for children lost in time—

these hands remember


the years offered
in love when patience
trembled in fear

before hope was for an eternity
and age was found in the work
of their hands.


How to Age

         “How to age”

I start my car and see her,

she is standing in the doorway waving

         like a child waves

when parents leave for a weekend away.

I know her wave is saying don’t leave me

alone with him. He has hurried inside the

house. I spied him piling some of her

stuff into my trunk, the stuff he doesn’t want,

         his way of saying

I’m sending her with you and

I don’t want you to leave me alone with her.

I back down the driveway

        feeling so very old

              so very very old.


Written for PAD
Write a How to