My Poems Elsewhere

My Poems Elsewhere

It’s always an honor when an editor chooses to publish a poem or two. Thank you to these journals for publishing my pieces. The poem titles are links to the journals.

1. Mouse Tales Press: One New Word

2. Jellyfish Whispers: Giver 

3. Three Line Poetry: pausing to fuel the purple-
                                  grey dance of ebb and flow
                                  around our golden vows.

4. The Plum Plum: Left-pawed

5. Four and Twenty: Answers

6. The Survivor Anthologies: The Shivers Come Hard at Night

7. Em-Dash Literary Magazine: Autumn’s Pashmina

8. Enhance Literary Journal: Joy

9. Mouse Tales Press: Catching Love
The Spinning Fire

10. The Atomy Arts Magazine: Satchel of Hope

11. Five2One Magazine: Sweeping Or you can get a Kindle version: Sweeping 

12. Jellyfish Whispers: Bird-watching

13. Poetry Quartley

14. Bloodstone Review

15. WD Poetic Form Challenge: Gogyohka 5th Place

16. 2015 April PAD Challenge Day 4 and Day 17 Top Ten Winner

“Striking out on my own”  Top Ten Winner!

Beyond the woods
the band of coyotes trample
the pine-needle trail in doeskin moccasins.

A drop of shiver
wastes away inside my veins
while I wait in the center of their cadence.
They’ve taken almost the entire brood and
I am a box of fire.

I nail the lid on the coffin; the sap
still weeps through the piney knots.

Upon the wind,
a baby grieves a stolen lullaby.
A hoot owl laments the eternal drought
and I am feeling the drumming of the full moon
within my immovable chest.

The glint
of the sharpened machete in my hand
winks in bored amusement.

“And again—lingering”  Top Ten Winner!

(A Japanese Tanka )

Cherry blossoms sway.

We sing day is done and rock

Goodnight Moon to sleep.

We fold pink blankets and wait

while grief breathes then vanishes.

Anthologies I am included in:

17. Beyond the Dark Room–“This very special anthology is an invitation to bear witness to both the positive and the negative dimensions of the journey through life’s challenges. The poems are an inspiring testament to the interface between the vulnerabilities and the resilience of the human spirit, and to the potential for growth inherent even in the most adverse circumstances.”

Proceeds to Doctors Without Borders

18. 2012 Best of Anthology, Storm Cycle. “a compilation of the editors’ favorite pieces from the four 2012 online journals. A tireless search for poetic talent proved exceptionally fruitful, and the selection process for this anthology was brutal. After a great deal of reading, re-reading, and discussion, the editors amassed an extremely diverse and eclectic body of work to put forth to represent what Kind of a Hurricane Press is about: publishing the best poetry being crafted today.”

19. Poetic Bloomings: The First Year “A collection of poetry written by a diverse online gathering of poets from the far reaches of the earth.”

20. Mouse Tales Press JourneyMouse Tales Press is now offering hard copies of the magazine for sale through Mag Cloud for just $13 plus shipping. This price also currently offers a free digital copy of the magazine.

21. Of Sun and Sand: “For our third anthology of 2013, we asked our writers to wade into the deep blue sea, to bask on the golden sands with us. Always up for the challenge, they took us to heights and depths we never expected, and provided us with an amazingly diverse array of summertime reading.”

22. Garbanzo Literary Journal

23. Three Minus OneThree Minus One: Parents’ Stories of Love and Loss is a collection of intimate, soul-baring stories and artwork by parents who have lost a child to stillbirth, miscarriage, or neonatal death, inspired by the film Return to Zero.

by J.lynn Sheridan

In the Joy,
while waiting for you,
I lost your heartbeat.

In the Mourning,
I lost
your name.

Sometimes, I try
to whisper it
to give you

At night
I try.
In prayer.
In the deep comfort of dreaming,

You are the northern lights,
the silent splashes of watercolor
chasing the sky. You are Indian paintbrush
rushing through heaven’s prairie.

In the pinks of dusk I think I see
your yellow hair, it’s reflected
in the indigo frosts of winter and
the cherry blossoms in spring,
in the tide, in forlorn feathers
awash on the beach, in the summer
grass, and you smell like honey and
wind and poetry and . . . .

I lost
your heartbeat.
I didn’t know
when it last shuddered.
A mother should know.
A good mother.

That night we sang lullabies to soothe
our sorrow borne during the stillness.

My December hands caressed a bouquet
of fresh baby’s breath. I planted it while
your heart still beat against mine.

Today, I untied the ribbon and sprinkled
the petals
upon the garden.

24. Why I Write Poetry (Writer’s Digest Poetic Asides)

25. My manuscript Safe among the Roses won the 2019 Writer’s Digest November PAD Chapbook Challenge.

26. My manuscript Layering Paradox was a finalist in the 2020 Writer’s Digest November PAD Chapbook Challenge.

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