The Boketto

2Poetic Bloomings has arisen from the ashes. (Yay!)

It’s time to experiment with a new form. Walt explains it like this: “The concept of Boketto is akin to staring at the sky or into the distance without a thought… Getting lost in one’s own self; removing the self from a place mentally. There is no regard to the past and no connection to the future. There is only THIS moment.”

“A variation of the Boketto makes use of two (three) ancient Japanese forms, the Tanka and the Haiku (Senryu). The moment of which you write will determine the choice. (Haiku – nature; Senryu – everything else).”

It consists of two stanzas:

  1. Five  lines (30 syllables – 7,7,7,4,5)
  2.  Three line (17 syllables – two seven syllable lines and a three syllable line which becomes a refrain if a string of Boketto are written).

Here is my attempt at the Boketto: