Poetry Challenge

Beginning Today!!!

Khara House, over at Our Lost Jungle, is once again holding one of her famous poetry challenges. 

Khara is the ubber-creative queen of Challenges. She knows how to inflame your lulled senses.

No more sleepy poetry. 

Are you ready for a Challenge?

The Our Lost Jungle Poetry Form Challenge


The Laboring of a Poem

Laboring a poem

A sudden rain of a lightening,
a drifting into the space of
everything and nothingness,

the way glass glazes like etched wind
across meadows,

waking with small sips of champagne
and a single verse swirling on my tongue
in yellow and ice.

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Poetics:  through the lens

Free-write Friday

Just for fun. 

“I chose blue”


For some reason the blue button has scratch marks on it. Like a dog had clawed it or a child gnawed. It’s right at the same height as a six year old. I like kids. So I push the blue button. The elevator jerks, stops, jerks, and heads down. I wanted to go up so I’m surprised. I like up. Up is toward the light and success. Down is failure and despair. But down we go two floors, three. And then we pick up speed. My ears pop, my chin tightens, I feel my cheeks flubber like a wave coming to shore. I think that a crash is imminent and I want to brace myself but all I do is hug myself even though my knees are about to buckle beneath me. When we hit, we hit hard and rebound back up. I suck in my breath. When we hit the top, we bolt back down. This is the trampoline elevator. A spring engine machine. I picked blue. The color of kids and dogs. The doors open and I am smiling.

Free Write Friday

Time & Place:
You find yourself in an elevator. The door closes and you see only five buttons. A sign hangs above them that reads: “Find Happiness.” Each button is a different color. Red, blue, green, orange and yellow. There are no other instructions and you must push one to get the elevator to move. Which color do you choose and why? Where does it take you?

Rebirth Reflected


 “Rebirth Reflected”

I don’t know much
other than life is not so much
a circle but more like a mirror
and if we’re strong enough to give
wings and if we love big enough
to embrace the contrasts,
life emerges in symmetry.

This morning I bring your coffee
and worry about that cough.
Tonight I’ll make soup
and tuck you into bed
with a story.

I am you and you are me,
completing the contrast in




PAD Day 29: Write a birth poem

Theme: Alzheimer’s/dementia


Manipulated Photograph
Elizabeth Crawford 1sojournal

Collecting tapestries

Collecting tapestries


Written in response to PAD Day 26: Write about collecting
My theme: Alzheimer’s/dementia
Image: 1sojournal

Set Adrift
Pen & Ink Zendala w/digital background
Elizabeth Crawford

Descent is a rising

Descent is a rising three


PAD: Write an opposite poem
Theme: Alzheimer’s/dementia
Image: 1sojournal

The Kiss
Manipulated Photograph
Elizabeth Crawford