Recovery—The Final Brave Line

Recovery—The Final Brave Line

When I think about it,
the miracle of our sadness held all the answers

We had been sleeping under the sweetness of lies;
in the solitude of safety where we clung to stubborn love

It’s easy to pretend sunshine Pretend divine
Pretend we grew smiles like panacea seeds

–The feisty willow fronds waved morning hellos
Tomcats chased diamonds through our billabong
Groomed horses sang our praises in pristine barns

And each night we nailed sins (not ours) to cardboard crosses
while showering hope without sincerity—

Until the fabric of age began stinking of mildew and
turpentine and Then the towering sadness trailed up
trellises, smothering the azure morning glories we
had watered with poisoned tears

No, we never lacked love; we lacked eyes to see
the defining line between pain and freedom

Tomorrow I will paint lament
But today I will learn how to feel


2017 April PAD Challenge: Day 2


Speak to me of thoughts unspoken.

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