Platform-It’s for Poets, too.

Beginning  on October 1, 2015, Robert Lee Brewer (Writers Digest) is once again offering a Platform Challenge. 

“This challenge will help writers through the process of improving
their writing platforms by providing one task to complete for each
day of the month in October. I will share tips and advice related to
the task. By the end of the month, writers of all skill levels should
have a better grip on their platforms.”

If it were not for Robert’s first Challenge, I wouldn’t know a smidgen about blogging or WordPress or Twitter chats. I learned more in one month than I thought possible. Wordsmith Studio, my writers’ group, evolved from that first challenge.

I don’t know what this new challenge will entail, but I’m sure it involves social media. Writers need to be on top of the digital world where things change rapidly.


If you are a poet and want to showcase your work or get more involved in the worldwide poetry community, go straight to the October Challenge and sign up by leaving a comment.

He is even dangling a few trinkets you could win.


Great books!

This challenge can change your entire success as a writer and open your world.

The best part-it’s FREE!

Go for it!


Speak to me of thoughts unspoken.

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