A Wordsmith Studio Homecoming


Three years ago this month, with a touch of amusement and curiosity, I committed to participating in a Writers Platform Challenge hosted by Robert Lee Brewer (Writer’s Digest/Poetic Asides) on his My Name is Not Bob blog. I remember the month as a whirlwind of online activity. Truly, at the time, all I knew how to do online was search, email, and Facebook. Daily, Robert walked us through how to set up a blog, how to join Linked In, how to participate in a Twitter chat, how to think like a writer, and  . . . basically anything and everything else we needed to know about branding and connecting as writers.

(I like to kid that it’s Not Bob’s fault that I’m addicted to social media.)

Out of that challenge arose Wordsmith Studio, an online writer’s group. We share information, host weekly Twitter chats, challenge each other, critique each other’s manuscripts, cheer each other’s victories, and lament the defeats. Many of us have forged friendships and met in person. I love our bantering about pantsers and liners. I love the easy-going sass and wit. I love that there is always someone to kiss our boo boos then tell us to get back on the horse.

For me personally, in the past three years I have had dozens of poems published, finished one novel, began a chapbook, began taking copyediting classes, and created a handful of websites and blogs for myself and others including my church and a few businesses.

This is something I never thought I’d be able to do. Nobody else knows more than me how technically inept I am. (I had to get today’s PAD prompt in there!)

But, without Not Bob’s challenge, I’d would have never known what I could do. So, I want to take this moment to personally thank him.

And to thank all my Wordsmith Studio partners and friends.

Three years down.

Here’s to thirty more!

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9 thoughts on “A Wordsmith Studio Homecoming

  1. Janice, I totally agree. It’s hard to remember how totally inept I was when I started that challenge. I had to create a website, a blog, go on twitter… I thought that challenge would kill me, and I only succeeded in completing it b/c my daughter and her boyfriend were living at home between jobs and he was a computer whiz, and showed me how to do most of them.. I am so glad I did that challenge, though! Not to mention the unexpected pleasure of meeting everyone else struggling along with me, including you. Thanks for your post, which stirred up such great memories.

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