Just a Twitter of a Poem

Not sure if you’re a real poet? Well, do you Tweet? If so, then you can at least pretend to be a poet. For the fun it.


I don’t tweet often and when I do it’s usually during Wordsmith Studio Twitter Chats at #wschat on Tuesday nights. (5pm and 8pm Central time.) If you’re a writer, you’re welcome to join in. We discuss everything related to writing.

Let’s have some poetry fun

Your tweets may be more poetic than you think.

Poettweet is a program that amalgams your tweets into a Sonnet, a Rondel, or an Indriso. All you do is add your twitter handle, choose a poetic form, and Poettweet does the rest.

The Huffington Post calls the results “strange works of art.”

LifeHacker calls them “chin-strokers.”

I call them fun.

Here’s the Sonnet and the Indriso that was generated from my tweets:



Chin-stroker works of art? Yeah, probably. I don’t think they’d sell in any literary magazine or even on the street.

Speaking of selling poetry on the streets . . . beware of buying any . . . 🙂

Even poets like to have fun.

Want more poetic fun ideas? Check out Found Poetry Review.


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