Mix and Match Muse

Creative Bloomings, one of the poetry blogs I frequent, offered up a poetry prompt this week called Mix and Match Muse.

I was tickled to learn I won this week’s bloom for the visuals.

Here is the prompt:

Autumn is a time of change. The skies are changeable, day get shorter still, The foliage takes on the hues of a broad palette. The air takes on a chill. There are many inspired thoughts connected to Autumn. Here’s the twist.

Write down the following:

Something you buy in a bakery.
A smell in a diner.
A make of automobile.
Something people do to relieve stress.
An unusual musical instrument.
A child’s game.

Use all six in our poem. Start with:

The smell of burning leaves…


“Autumn smoke in the city”
(C) J.lynn Sheridan, 2014
“Because of the smell of burning leaves,” he tells me
when I ask why he left the farm for a two-flat in the city.
“Smells like tar.”
We lean against his pomegranate red hot-rod Lincoln,
he slides a harmonica from his pocket and begins playing
“The Hokey Pokey.”
I put my right hand in. I am shaking it all about when a
tangerine mustang pulls aside. “Play some jazz, cowboy,”
the driver says spitting his chew into the sewer grate.
I take my right hand out. The three of us stare at each
other. My buddy starts playing, “Who’ll Chop Your Suey
When I’m Gone.”
There’s a moment of panic, one scrawny yellow elm leaf
dangles from his antennae, then falls. He shows us his
toothless smile, then speeds away, cutting donuts in the
intersection, leaving us in a cloud of blue/black exhaust.



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