G.K. Chesterton was wrong

poets have been mysteriously silent about the subject of cheese

Thankfully, G.K. was wrong.

Aren’t you glad?

Cuz who wouldn’t love a good poem about cheese?

I introduce to you, James McIntyre, also known as the Cheese Poet.
(1828 – 1906)

The following poem is from his masterpiece, “Ode on the Mammoth Cheese Weighing Over 7,000 Pounds” from his collection entitled: Oh! Queen of Cheese: Selections from James McIntyre, the Cheese Poet.

It is possibly his best-known poem.


McIntyre’s “greatest boost to his fame probably came from a number of his poems being anthologized in the collection Very Bad Poetry, edited by Ross and Kathryn Petras (Vintage, 1997).”

An annual poetry contest is held in Ingersoll, Ontario, to honor McIntyre.

Now, that is an tribute any poet would relish.


(Too cheesy?)


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