Aren’t Poets just Word People?


Some of us are visual, too. (I began college as an art major but got side-tracked by something more important.)

And remember that whole artsy-fartsy thing poets have going on? We need an outlet.

“Voila!”  Enter: Visual Poetry!

Visual Poetry delights the eye and excites the mind. It “blurs the distinction between art and text.” It is conceptual and editorial. While there are myriad definitions one thing stands clear about visual poetry–

“typographic elements are secondary to visual elements, are minimal, or in some cases are absent altogether from the work.”

Today I share some of mine with you. If you are wondering, I use several different image-capturing devices and photo-editing techniques.

Reading in Bed

reading in bed 3

Before the Funeral

Before the funeral





I’m Hooked!

For those of us who feel what we see and write, visual poetry startles our imagination.  It’s a playground medium where art connects with words, concepts, culture, emotions–

It’s endless.

What do you think? Have you ever tried visual poetry?


Speak to me of thoughts unspoken.

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