Yeah, it seems a little early BUT really it’s never too early to prepare for this challenge.

The rules are simple:

Write a poem every day for the month of April based on the prompts Robert Lee Brewer posts each day at Poetic Asides.

Share it.

Comment on the other poems that are posted.

Play nice. Play fair. Have fun.

This year the best of the best will be included in an anthology.

PYHO_Small for PAD Ap 2014

How do I get ready?

    • Some poets create a log of possible metaphors to use.
    • Some develop a theme.
    • Some decide ahead of time to use only specific forms.
    • Some poets have created point-of-view characters and write their poems in this character’s voice.

Get creative.

Poem Your Heart Out.

Spread the word.

Want to know more? Visit Poetic Asides.

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